The original main hall was built in 1926, on the present site.In it’s early years it was registered as a charity with the Charity Commission.

The initial Constitution included, on the management committee, representatives from well-known local families, for example the Wyatts, Vowles, Bulls, Yorks, Foxes and Wedlakes. Affiliated members included the then Rector, the Reverend Arthur Hobbs. Throughout their period of office management committee members were also trustees of Winford Village Hal

In the original constitution the use of the property stated that the hall should be used for the most worthy aims of “physical and mental training and recreational, social, moral and intellectual development, through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, a library, lectures, classes, recreation and entertainment”.

Whist in recent years the constitution has been revised and updated, the present hall committee has been careful to abide by the aims and spirit of the original.

Whilst the physical development of the hall has been restricted by existing boundaries, certain improvements have been made in the 1970’s. Extensions to the kitchen, toilets and lobbies on the western elevation, plus additional storage accommodation on the eastern boundaries were implemented. In more recent years the hall has generally been updated, with the installation of central heating in the 1990’s. Also most recently, in an endeavour to make the hall “user friendly”, new external ramps and toilet accommodation for the disabled have been installed.

Finally, at present, the hall still retains its focal point in the heart of the village. It is regularly hired every weekday by a variety of organisations and users, plus parties and social events. Winford Village Hall is managed by an active and enthusiastic committee, with the aspirations of its founder members as guidance in its decision-making.

Scroll to bottom of page to download the Village Hall timetable September-December 2018 (excel spreadsheet), conditions of hire and hire agreement.

Hall Fees and Hiring Charges  Effective from 1st August  2015

Hourly rate (full hours only)                                     £9

But £12 for up to 1 ½ hours to allow time to set up and clear for a 1 hour session.

Fee per session of up to 3 hours

(morning, afternoon, or evening)                             £18

This rate is for block bookings and for village community events only.

Private functions (all day or evening)     £65

Private functions (All day and evening) £100 plus £5 if heating is required

Hire of rear room up to 3-hour session                   £10

There will be a discount of 10% when booking and paying for at least 3 sessions in advance

See below to download hiring agreement form and timetable

Village Hall trustees in September 2018

Chairman               Alan Parker      01275 472149

Treasurer               Lynne Barnes   01275 472628

Secretary               Denise Poole     01275 472797

Other members

Len Budd                      01275 472483

Ian Cox                         01275 474987

Judy Kiernan                07552 216093

Bookings/caretaker     Veronica  Hinton  01275 472085

                                                    or email:       

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    Download: Winford Village Hall timetable September-December 2018 (excel spreadsheet) (0 bytes)

    Winford Village Hall timetable September-December 2018 (excel spreadsheet)

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    Winford Village Hall Conditions of Hire