The attached guidance and forms are also available on the Electoral Commission’s website at:

If you need any help at all with completing the forms please contact the Clerk (see Contact us).  You will need the elector numbers of the two signatories required for your nomination and these can be obtained from the Clerk.

The completed forms MUST be returned by hand to North Somerset Council at the Town Hall,  Weston-super-Mare.  If you go to the main entrance and explain why you are there you will be directed to the correct desk.



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Download: Nomination-pack-incl-election-agent-notification-form-P-and-C (1) (201 KB) Download: Candidate-spending-at-parish-and-community-elections-in-England-and-Wales (307 KB) Download: Part-1-Can-you-stand-for-election-P-and-C (199 KB) Download: Part-2a-Standing-as-an-independent-candidate-P-and-C (273 KB) Download: Part-2b-Standing-as-a-party-candidate-P-and-C (505 KB) Download: Part-4-The-campaign-P-and-C (166 KB) Download: Part-5-Your-right-to-attend-key-electoral-events-P-and-C (130 KB) Download: Part-6-After-the-declaration-of-results-P-and-C (146 KB)