A message from Winford Community Shop

You are invited to invest in a new community enterprise to take over the Winford village shop and give it a new lease of life. Winford Community Shop will be a not-for-profit business, run with the aim of providing the products and services that you want and need.
The share offer is now open and the business plan, share prospectus, and share application form documents are now available to download at http://www.winfordcommunityshop.org.uk/

Bristol Airport Expansion Plans


The airport reached 8.5 million passengers per annum (mppa) last year and have a limit of 10 mppa.  To give themselves the capacity to grow they have now applied to North Somerset Council to raise the limit to 12mppa.   They have submitted a planning application to North Somerset DC that includes a wide range of changes to reach 12mppa and beyond, and the result they want to achieve is growth.   Growth means more passengers which could see an increase of 30 – 40%.   And that means more cars and more flights, day and night.         The planning reference is    18/P/5118/OUT,

To handle additional passengers there will be many changes.   Changes to increase the capacity of the roads, the layout and capacity of the on Airport roads and options on parking places and costs.  Terminal, check-in, baggage handling, security, aircraft servicing and turn round all will have changes for expansion.   The existing passenger walkways will get longer in both directions, all feeding more aircraft stands.

How will this affect us?

As local residents we know we will feel the impact of all this extra activity both in the building of the new facilities and then of course as the passenger numbers build.  Winford and other Parish Council are critically examining the plans in order to prepare and submit detailed responses to North Somerset.   The purpose is to foresee the impact of all this expansion and then with North Somerset DC and Airport management discuss how to make things work better for residents.   The aim is to identify possible threats to our lifestyle enjoyment and request changes where possible to reduce some of the bad impacts.

The road plans include a reworking of the three critical road junctions, the Airport roundabout, the Downside road traffic lights and the West lane junction, to improve traffic flow and reduce the frequency of tail-back delays.

Winford Parish Council have raised many questions about how to reduce the parking problems around village roads and by Felton Church.   In this we are looking to the Airport to fund and North Somerset DC to act to put parking controls in place that should restrict as far as possible the antisocial parking activities.

A parking place for airport taxi drivers on the airport is aimed at providing the taxis a better place to wait so that they don’t choose the village sites.  We aim to keep pressure on both Airport and NSDC to deliver on the promises on these parking issues.

In this it is vital that as many residents as possible send in emails and letters to NS district Council before the 26th January to have the greatest impact.   Email….

copy to

Winford Village Store and Post Office is closing down

Public meeting – Monday 10th September

You may have heard that Winford Village Store and Post Office is set to close, since it is no longer commercially viable in its present form.  Whilst we don’t know when exactly, it is likely to be very soon.

If a solution is to be found it will need everyone to pull together.  If you value the services a village shop and/or post office can offer the community and want something to replace it, then you must get involved.

The Parish Council has organised a public meeting where you can come along and offer your support, ideas and help.

Winford Village Hall  Monday 10th September 7pm

Can’t make the meeting?  Please pick up a questionnaire or fill it in online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3VPHCJP

Annual Parish Council accounts

The council approved its accounting and governance statements on 18 June 2018.  Electors have certain rights relating to these accounts – please see our finance page (link) for further details.

Bristol Airport

The Parish Councils Airport Association (PCAA) is considering the possibility of having a website with information about Bristol Airport and its plans for expansion.  This wouldn’t be a PCAA website as such but rather a place where residents (and others) can get information not supplied directly by the airport.

Do you know anyone with an interest in Airport related matters with the skills and time to set one up, on a voluntary, unpaid basis?

The PCAA are also on the look-out for people with relevant skills to help assess the effects of proposals in the Airport Master Plan when it comes out. These would be things like:

  • Planning law
  • Local Environment and wildlife
  • Climate Change
  • Traffic and transport
  • Economics (including employment)
  • Aviation generally
  • Noise (particularly its effect on health)

If you would like to get involved, please do get in touch with Paula Shelley, the Clerk to Winford Parish Council () so that she can pass your details on as appropriate.


Did you know that Winford Parish Council makes its own compost from residents’ green garden waste?  This is available now at the bargain price of £1.25 per bag or even free of charge  for lorry and trailer loads taken via a local weighbridge.

For more details visit the compost site page.

Felton allotment plots available now

Winford Parish Council has successfully managed over many years two allotment sites in the villages of Felton and Winford.  Normally, these allotments have been oversubscribed.

A rare opportunity has arisen where several plots in the Felton St Katharine’s school site have recently become vacant.  In addition to these being available to plot holders from the Parish, residents of surrounding parishes also currently have the chance to rent one.

Should you wish to produce healthy local grown fruit and vegetables in a pleasant friendly environment please contact us.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – public access defibrillator

              In an emergency call 999 and tell the Emergency Service operator that you have a defibrillator in the village.   The operator will advise you whether the patient would benefit from its immediate use, and give you the four digit code to open the cabinet.

Go to the green cabinet containing the defibrillator in your village.

Felton – George & Dragon car park – on the wall by the pub entrance from the car park.

Winford – Winford shop – by the entrance.

Regil – Village Hall  on the outside wall by the main door.

Fetch the defibrillator (which is not much bigger than a book) and the bag of bits.

The 999 call will also alert the ambulance / rapid response team to come out to the patient at the address you provide – BUT in most cases the early use of a defibrillator before the ambulance arrives can prove life-saving.

Switch the defibrillator on by the patient and follow the voice instructions which tell you step by step how it should be used to save a patient’s life.   When connected up to the electrode pads the defibrillator decides whether a shock is needed and if so how many shocks are to be given.  For this reason no training is needed before using the defibrillator.

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