Felton Common Litter Pick

Winford Parish Council

Felton Common Annual Litter Pick

Please come along to help keep your Common tidy.  Even if you can only spare half an hour we would really love to see you.  Whole families very welcome!


Saturday 24 March from 2.30pm

Meet by Felton St Katherine’s Church and wear gloves.

Be a Parish Councillor




Winford Parish Council is looking for someone to serve as a Parish Councillor, particularly someone with an interest in serving on our planning working party, looking and commenting on local planning applications at Parish Council meetings.

Are you interested in local current affairs?

Do you wish to serve your Community?

Could you provide a voice for residents?

For further information or an informal chat please contact the Parish Clerk:  Paula Shelley clerk@winfordpc.gov.uk    01761 453046

Or do speak to any of the local councillors about what it is like to serve on a parish council.

The term of office will run until the next ordinary elections in May 2019.

If you want to apply to be a councillor, all you need to do is send the clerk an email or letter that:

  • confirms that you meet statutory requirements to be a councillor (this position is only open to people over 18 that live in the Parish of Winford or within 3 miles of the Parish boundary and those that work or own land with the Parish);
  • gives your reasons for wishing to be a member of the parish council; and
  • explains what skills, qualifications and community experience you feel you will bring to the council.

The deadline for applications is 4pm on Friday 13th April.  The successful applicant will be co-opted at a full Parish Council meeting.

Bristol Airport

The Parish Councils Airport Association (PCAA) is considering the possibility of having a website with information about Bristol Airport and its plans for expansion.  This wouldn’t be a PCAA website as such but rather a place where residents (and others) can get information not supplied directly by the airport.

Do you know anyone with an interest in Airport related matters with the skills and time to set one up, on a voluntary, unpaid basis?

The PCAA are also on the look-out for people with relevant skills to help assess the effects of proposals in the Airport Master Plan when it comes out. These would be things like:

  • Planning law
  • Local Environment and wildlife
  • Climate Change
  • Traffic and transport
  • Economics (including employment)
  • Aviation generally
  • Noise (particularly its effect on health)

If you would like to get involved, please do get in touch with Paula Shelley, the Clerk to Winford Parish Council (clerk@winfordpc.org.uk) so that she can pass your details on as appropriate.


Did you know that Winford Parish Council makes its own compost from residents’ green garden waste?  This is available now at the bargain price of £1.25 per bag or even free of charge  for lorry and trailer loads taken via a local weighbridge.

For more details visit the compost site page.

Felton allotment plots available now

Winford Parish Council has successfully managed over many years two allotment sites in the villages of Felton and Winford.  Normally, these allotments have been oversubscribed.

A rare opportunity has arisen where several plots in the Felton St Katharine’s school site have recently become vacant.  In addition to these being available to plot holders from the Parish, residents of surrounding parishes also currently have the chance to rent one.

Should you wish to produce healthy local grown fruit and vegetables in a pleasant friendly environment please contact us.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – public access defibrillator

              In an emergency call 999 and tell the Emergency Service operator that you have a defibrillator in the village.   The operator will advise you whether the patient would benefit from its immediate use, and give you the four digit code to open the cabinet.

Go to the green cabinet containing the defibrillator in your village.

Felton – George & Dragon car park – on the wall by the pub entrance from the car park.

Winford – Winford shop – by the entrance.

Regil – Village Hall  on the outside wall by the main door.

Fetch the defibrillator (which is not much bigger than a book) and the bag of bits.

The 999 call will also alert the ambulance / rapid response team to come out to the patient at the address you provide – BUT in most cases the early use of a defibrillator before the ambulance arrives can prove life-saving.

Switch the defibrillator on by the patient and follow the voice instructions which tell you step by step how it should be used to save a patient’s life.   When connected up to the electrode pads the defibrillator decides whether a shock is needed and if so how many shocks are to be given.  For this reason no training is needed before using the defibrillator.

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